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Learn more about what we around Lansing IL.

What is a Micro-Pantry?

Essentially, a Micro-Pantry is a small outdoor cabinet that allows people to receive donations from GIL and the community anonymously. These free, 24/7 donation centers offer families anything from canned food, toiletries, diapers, non-perishables, and more! Find out more about our locations more below!

How did they begin?

Each of our Micro-Pantries have a varying origin story, as each of them had different visions and overseers. Our Mirco-Pantries constantly have community members cleaning, protecting and serving each location, and we couldn't be anymore thankful! Each Micro-Pantry continues to have it's own personality as different needs are met by the supplies and food in the  individual Micro-Pantry.

First United Methodist Church Micro-Pantry (#1)

First United Methodist Church

18420 Burnham Ave. Lansing IL (near door 3)

Bethel Christian Reformed ChurchMicro-Pantry (#2)

Bethel Christian Reformed Church

3500 Glenwood-Lansing Rd. Lansing IL (near door 14)

Cornerstone Church Micro-Pantry (#3)

Cornerstone Church 

3440 178th St. Lansing IL (near the glass doors)

Christ Our Savior Parish Micro-Pantry (#4)

Christ Our Savior Parish

880 E 154th street, South Holland, IL (in the back/west parking lot)

Lighthouse Community Church Micro-Pantry (#5)

Lighthouse Community Church

17500 Lighthouse Lane, Lansing IL

InnerMission Neighborhood Farm Micro Pantry (#6)

InnerMission Neighborhood farm

5502 Claude Ave, Hammond IN

Lansing Public Library Micro Pantry (#7)

Lansing Public Library

2750 Indiana Ave, Lansing IL

First United Methodist Church of Hammond Micro Pantry(#8)

First United Methodist Church of Hammond

6635 Homan Ave., Hammond IN

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church Micro Pantry(#9)

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church

8601 Harrison Ave Munster IN